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Breakout and Reception Seating


Relax, renew and refresh.

With the current pace of life and workload in today’s busy working environment, we all need to take a break  to renew and refresh.

We offer a range of breakout and reception seating, designed specifically to enhance any breakout or public environment area ,offering style, comfort and strong visual statements, combining design with  affordability  and durability.

Seating options include:

  • Break out seating

  • Reception sofas

  • Modular reception seating

  • Conference seating

  • Tub chairs

  • Task seating

  • Operator chairs

  • Meeting room chairs

  • Managerial seating

  • Executive Seating


Seating solutions from :

  • Connection Seating

  • OCee Design

  • Komac

  • Pledge

  • Elite

  • Verco

  • Vector

  • Blaze

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